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Mobile App Design | UX UI

This is a UXUI design project for EDGE, a not yet existing  application for Android. EDGE is the app that allows users to secure their homes and control all their smart devices in one single place.

The purpose of this project was to gain an understanding of mobile app design and interface experience through a user's perspective.The project served as means to understand the differences between Android vs iOS in terms of app design and interface. An iOS user myself, it was necessary to generously study Google apps in order to successfully understand the differences. In addition, to go about the project, I referenced various smart home devices and their interface. Once finished doing research, I came up with with the following:

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 2.png
Artboard 3.png
Artboard 4.png
Artboard 5.png
Artboard 6.png
Artboard 7.png
Artboard 8.png
Artboard 9.png
Artboard 10.png
Artboard 11.png
Artboard 12.png
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